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Steel Valve Parts


Steel valve parts refer to the components that make up a valve and are made of steel material. Valves are mechanical devices that regulate the flow of fluids, such as liquids, gases, and slurries, through pipes and other systems. Steel is a popular material for valve parts due to its strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion.

Some common steel valve parts include:

  1. Valve body: This is the main component of a valve and provides the housing for other parts. It is typically made of cast or forged steel.

  2. Valve stem: The valve stem connects the valve disk or ball to the actuator and is responsible for opening and closing the valve.

  3. Valve disk or ball: This component is responsible for controlling the flow of fluids through the valve. It can be made of different materials, but steel is often used due to its strength.

  4. Valve seat: The valve seat is the surface against which the valve disk or ball comes into contact when the valve is closed. It is typically made of a hard material such as stainless steel to resist wear and tear.

  5. Actuator: The actuator is the device that opens and closes the valve. It can be electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic and is usually made of steel for durability.

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