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Vacuum casting

what is vacuum casting

Vacuum casting can be roughly divided into three types: vacuum suction casting, vacuum low pressure casting, and vacuum differential pressure casting:


1. Vacuum suction casting

Place the casting mold in a closed container, and draw out the air in the casting mold to create a certain negative pressure in the casting mold, causing the molten metal to be sucked into the mold cavity. When the inner runner of the casting is solidified, the negative pressure is removed, so that the unsolidified metal liquid in the vertical runner flows back into the molten pool. The advantage is that the filling ability of the alloy liquid is improved, the minimum wall thickness of the suction casting casting can reach 0.2mm, and the casting area is 300mm2, and the defects such as pores and slag inclusions are reduced at the same time. It is suitable for the production of thin and fine small precision castings, especially cast steel (including stainless steel) parts.


2. Vacuum low pressure casting

The vacuum low pressure casting method is to vacuumize the casting mold during the process of pressurizing and filling. After the filling, the pressure is maintained to make the casting crystallize and solidify under a constant pressure, and the casting is fully fed, so the structure of the casting is dense and the mechanical properties are improved. This method is mostly used for precision casting of Al, Mg alloy castings


3. Vacuum differential pressure casting

Vacuum differential pressure casting is mainly to seal the resistance holding furnace and the casting mold, and pass compressed air with a high pressure such as 500kPa into the sealing cover. At this time, since the pressure inside the casting mold and the crucible is equal, the molten metal will not rise. , and then add 50kPa pressure on the metal liquid surface, the metal liquid will rise to fill the mold cavity. It is especially suitable for the production of complex thin-walled castings, but the equipment is large and the operation is troublesome. It is only used when there are special requirements.

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Advantages of vacuum casting


Vacuum casting is an incredibly useful industrial process for creating plastic prototypes and products quickly and effectively. Using a vacuum ensures that no air bubbles are present in the finished product, allowing designers to guarantee their products have a high quality finish. In addition, due to the fast nature of the processing, fewer mistakes are made and changes can be implemented with much greater ease.


Vacuum casting is an affordable solution to create multiple customised parts which allows businesses to save money and resources while still producing high-quality designs. It's no wonder it is a preferred method used across many diverse industries today.

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